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Advance, Market Technical Analysis Training | Forex Trading Course

Forex Trading is 1% technical and 99% psychological. Losing capital is easier than making profits.

Attending our Forex Training you will easily learn and understand the method that will allow you to make consistency pips with prefect Trade Entry and Exits. Our Forex Training Programs you don’t need any experience, we will elevate you from beginner level to Expert Trader level. In our Forex Training you will learn Trading psychology, Trading Strategy ,Cross Currency Analysis, Money Management, Risk Management with simple and efficient strategies used by big financial institutions.


Training education for Forex, Stocks and Commodities

About Trading Introduction

  • Forex Investment Concepts
  • How Does Forex Work ?
  • Platform Analysis
  • Trading System
  • How to use Leverage, Margin, Margin Level. Pips
  • Market Analysis

Fundamental Analysis:

  • Effects of Economic News
  • How to Analysis the News
  • Risk Management
  • Risk and Reward Ratio
  • Trading Psychology

Technical Analysis:

  • Reading Candlestick
  • Support and Resistance Analysis
  • Chart Patterns Analysis
  • Indicator Analysis
  • Demo Account creation

Practice By Own with Patience, Discipline, Don’t Greedy and Earn Money!!!!

Training Sessions timings

Online Session:

24hours Available in Skype

Class room session:

Monday to Friday

Timings 10am to 8pm